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The evolution of basketball shoes has made them super breathable. For this reason, it is important to choose socks that facilitate sweat to evaporate, keeping the foot dry in training as well as during a match, from the tip-off until the final buzzer.

Comfort is another key feature. This is the reason why Crew’s basketball socks are made up of state-of-the-art soft textile fibres that are soft to the touch and quickly eliminate sweat keeping the skin dry.

Additionally, to ensure maximum resilience match after match, Crew's has selected a "smart" synthetic fibre resistant to stress without compromising delicacy, capable of donating a pleasant, delicate feeling on the skin.

Compared to other products, Crew's basketball socks are easy to put on and allow you to project yourself immediately onto the basketball court, spending as little time as possible in the locker room.

Brand: Crew's
Crew's Strong basketball socks are designed for powerful play and are perfect for those who play as forward and center.The choice of materials and structural details is the result of research carried ..
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Brand: Crew's
Crew's Smart basketball-specific socks have been designed taking into account athletes' needs.Be SmartBasketball is famous for being a fast and dynamic sport. For this reason, a general sports sockcan..
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